Child Custody

Child custody laws have changed in Pennsylvania in recent years, with the best interests of children being the main focus in Pennsylvania custody matters.

As in divorce proceedings, many couples have already amicably decided on a custody agreement that works for their family. In those cases, it might not be necessary to seek a physical or legal custody order from the courts.

However, reaching an amicable agreement without court intervention is often impossible. Children often become a pawn in a dispute between parents, and the best interests of the children become lost. In other cases, due to abuse or other issues, a mother or father may require the court to protect the child through a strict custody order, including supervised visitation as necessary. Grandparents may also seek visitation rights or physical custody.

Pennsylvania law requires that any individual that has any custody rights to a child must seek permission from the court prior to making a move that would substantially affect the ability of that party to continue exercising custody under their current order.

Our attorneys are experienced in relocation matters, whether representing the parent or party seeking to move or the party opposing the move. Other issues that become relevant in this process involve school choice for the child, necessary modifications to the physical custody order, and issues regarding transportation of the child.

A consultation with a family law attorney at McGrail & Associates can help families to understand each person’s rights in custody law issues, and to navigate the complicated legal process. Contact us for an appointment. We are here to help.