Child Support

Child support laws are intended to provide financial help to children of separated, divorced or single parents. Child support and child custody are two separate legal issues in Pennsylvania.

When spouses decide to work together and agree on the terms of their separation or divorce, they can also rely on child support mediation or negotiation through a child support attorney to work out the terms of financial support for their children.

If a single parent or a spouse in a divorce case in the legal system is seeking child support, they need to file a complaint in court. If a single mother is filing for child support, the courts also require proof of the child’s paternity. The court will then schedule a conference to determine a guideline support amount based upon the income of the parties. The guideline amount is based upon each parent’s income along with the number of children involved. This guideline is often complicated by self-employment, deductions, expenses, and other factors.

Child support orders can be appealed and/or modified if either parent’s work status or income has changed, or in general if there is a “change in circumstances.”

The experienced family law attorneys at McGrail & Associates can help you file for child support, understand the law and its requirements, and obtain either an initial support order or modification of your child support order. Contact us if you need advice regarding child support.