Brain Injury

Brain injuries are a devastating type of catastrophic injury that can occur from a motorcycle accident, work accident, medical negligence or slip and fall. We are a full-service law firm that can investigate all of the legal aspects of your brain injury case and help your family receive fair and just compensation.

Not every person who suffers a brain injury shows obvious signs of trauma. In the case of closed head injury or concussion from whiplash, as in a car accident, the victim may suffer from headaches, dizziness and an inability to concentrate without realizing that they are injured.

Our attorneys have experience researching the necessary medical records and life history of people who have suffered accidental brain injury to establish whether their physical trauma has impacted their earning income or quality of life. We understand how difficult concussions and their symptoms can be to deal with.

Contact us if someone you know has suffered an accidental brain injury and might be entitled to compensation to help them recover.