Product Liability

Manufacturers are legally responsible for making sure that the products they sell are designed properly and safe to use or consume. Still, thousands of products each year are subjected to government recall because of defects that have led to people being injured or even killed.

Defective designs or parts of airbags, automobiles, baby cribs and furniture, children’s toys, and other items can cause unexpected injuries that lead to financial hardships for victims and their families. Our attorneys stay up to date on product recall information so that we can better serve clients who deserve compensation for damages related to defective products.

We have also worked on product liability cases related to medications and medical devices. In those cases, manufacturers can and should be held accountable if their drugs or medical equipment have been poorly designed, made or marketed and someone was harmed or injured because of it.

Our lawyers are skilled investigators who will collect all of the necessary product information and expert witnesses to make sure you receive full and fair financial compensation for injuries and damages, or even wrongful death, related to product liability.

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