Work Accidents

Workplace injuries can happen in all kinds of jobs, not just construction or manufacturing. Our attorneys can help you and your family regain lost income and cover skyrocketing medical costs if you or a loved one has been injured in a work accident.

On-the-job accidents at a construction or manufacturing site often lead to catastrophic injuries, back injuries, brain injuries or broken bones, and can dramatically change someone’s life in an instant. Other workplace injuries can stem from exposure to toxic chemicals, fire or other dangerous substances. Employers are obligated to enact procedures and take steps to protect workers from injury.

We have experienced attorneys at our firm who know workers’ compensation law, and who will thoroughly investigate your case to ensure that you receive all of the financial compensation you are entitled to after a workplace injury.

No matter if you have suffered a catastrophic injury or only a minor accident while on the job, contact us for help in determining if you have the right to compensation to speed your recovery and hopefully your return to work.