Defective Airbags Highlight Product Liability Issues

mcgrailairbagMany Reasons For Airbag Injuries

Last week in California, a defective airbag was blamed for another death, the 11th such fatality in the United States related to Takata airbags. More than 29 vehicle manufacturers have utilized defective Takata airbags, making this a widespread and concerning product liability issue.

Personal injury cases related to defective airbags include both situations where the airbag failed to deploy and where the airbag itself created a dangerous condition. Many injuries have resulted from the airbag itself. The Takata airbag recall, which began in 2014, involves the mechanism that inflates the airbag. When the airbag deploys, this mechanism explodes and can shoot shrapnel into the car, potentially injuring or killing the vehicle occupants.

There are several reasons why an airbag might not deploy. In some motor vehicle accidents, airbags were designed to not deploy. Examples include low speed impacts, side impacts which do not trigger frontal impacts, and some rear impacts or rollovers. While the damage to the vehicle may appear substantial, the safety systems of the car may have operated as intended by the automobile manufacturer.

Sometimes airbags do not deploy due to faulty sensors improperly detecting the impact. The airbag system relies upon a number of sensors and electronics which can, and do, fail to work properly, resulting in the airbag failing to deploy. The failure could be a result of wiring, faulty control modules, or a defective clock spring in the steering column. These types of accident claims require the knowledge and experience of a lawyer and the expertise of an engineer.

If you have been notified that your vehicle is being recalled to fix defective Takata airbag parts, it is crucial that you comply with the recall, for your safety and the safety of your passengers. If you have suffered an injury that could be related to your car’s airbag, regardless of whether the airbag deployed properly or not, please contact the experienced lawyers at McGrail & Associates to assist with your claim. We can help navigate the liability questions in your case and help you seek compensation while you focus on recovering from your injuries.

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