Corporate Real Estate

Attorney Patricia McGrail is a highly experienced real estate attorney located in White Oak, PA. She has been providing legal services to corporate clients in the real estate industry for decades and is renowned for her commitment to excellence and superior client service.

With an extensive knowledge of all areas of real estate law and related fields such as finance, taxation, banking, and antitrust regulation, Attorney McGrail is able to provide tailored advice and representation on any corporate real estate law matters. From acquisition and sale transactions to property transfers and probate administration, she is well-equipped to ensure that clients receive the best outcome possible in their particular situations.

In addition to her expertise in estate planning for corporations, Attorney McGrail is also well-versed in dispute resolution and can provide guidance through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. She understands that the legal process can be daunting and overwhelming, so she strives to make it as streamlined a process as possible while ensuring clients receive the cost-effective solutions they need.

If you need a qualified and experienced attorney for any corporate real estate matters or dispute resolution, contact Attorney Patricia McGrail today at 412-664-4433.

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