Delinquent Tax Collection

Many municipalities and school districts face difficulties regarding the collection of delinquent tax liabilities. McGrail & Associates, LLC has long served such entities, acting as their general solicitor. We provide advice and guidance on a myriad of issues that impact schools and municipal governments throughout Pennsylvania.

There are a number of options available to local school districts and municipalities for the collection of delinquent taxes, differing in cost and method.  Some of these options fail to produce desired and necessary results, at a time when local governments are struggling for funding at every level.  At McGrail & Associates, LLC, we take the best of the existing methodologies and create a system that is highly effective, establishing a firm but personal collection effort that is workable for delinquent taxpayers.  Our system limits the legal fees for those who repay current delinquent taxes in the short run, and also provides struggling taxpayers the ability to pay over time, rather than abandon their obligation to pay.  The taxpayer is responsible for the attorney fees which are imposed on the collection effort.

As a local firm, the benefits to our clients are many. Many taxpayers are already familiar with our local presence, proving to be invaluable in our collection efforts for other clients and allowing tax payers to pay in person.  We are very familiar with the neighborhoods and the housing stock in the surrounding municipalities.  This is a significant advantage when determining the viability of a property to take to sheriff sale.  If a property is less likely to sell at this type of sale, we can inform the client and establish a bank of those properties for which collection is unlikely.  While these properties may remain on the Allegheny County-provided assessment information, the client will be able to provide a more realistic accounting of their tax collection effort. We are accessible to our Clients.  Our firm will be able to respond to questions with regard to the tax collection process and the results.

If your organization is searching for a better solution to your tax collection responsibilities, please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Have you received a notice from our office?

If you are a taxpayer who has received notice from our office and have questions regarding your statement, please contact our tax department for assistance and our staff will be happy to help you.  They can be reached at 412-664-4433 or by email at  Delinquent tax payments should be made payable to McGrail & Associates, LLC and forwarded to PO Box 644974, Pittsburgh, PA 15264-4974.

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