Estate Planning/ Administration

Attorney Rebecca Shaw McHolme is of Counsel with McGrail & Associates, LLC. She provides our firm with the specialized experience needed when dealing with estate planning and estate administration, with a primary focus on small and medium-sized estates and elder law issues.

Aside from seeking out sound advice on asset protection, the estate planning process involves many areas, including preparation of wills, powers of attorney and living wills.

Probating an estate involves preparation, along with the timely filing of all tax returns, court documents, family settlement agreements and accounting documentation. While probate matters can generally be settled through an informal agreement process, we also provide the additional experience and knowledge required for court filings and representation.

Probating an estate often occurs at a difficult time for our clients. We provide a comfortable environment in which clients can freely express their concerns.

If you are in need of advice or would like to discuss your estate planning issues, please contact us today to schedule a consultation. Or contact Attorney McHolme directly at 412-664-4433 and